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In the market for 15 years, we work to provide you and your business with the best communication experience between different languages, in addition to offering accommodation facilities and different solutions to the main demands existing in relations between Brazilians and foreigners. Be it in events, business, travel, exchanges, in Brazil and abroad.


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Learn Portuguese

Get the most of your experience in Brazil by choosing Belo Horizonte, Brasília or Rio de Janeiro as your destination cities. Our tutors will ensure you develop your conversational skills whilst learning about the country and debating current issues.

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Discover our Brazilian accommodations, in the cities of Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro, designed to offer the best structure and comfort for accommodation or work, in the concept of co-living.


Translation and Interpretation

We offer standard, technical, and sworn translations in more than 15 languages. We also handle every aspect of the interpretation of your event, from the selection of the team and appropriate type of translation to the hiring of the equipment.

Level Testing

Through oral, structural and writing tests – on or off-site -, we evaluate the fluency of the candidates, as well as their grammatical and vocabulary knowledge.

The results are presented in accord with the scale of the Common European Framework.

The lessons and pre-service were excellent and I feel much more confident using Portuguese in day to day interactions.


Flavia is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend the school.