Our team of translators specialises in a variety of areas, such as finance, mining, medicine and technology, providing standard, technical, and sworn translations in more than 15 languages. We guarantee a high-quality service and the confidentiality of your information.

We believe in translating the message of the text, not just the meaning of the words. Our work is based on agility, flexibility and, above all, quality. For great service and competitive pricing, give us a call on +31 2555-8444 or request a quote at


With over a decade’s market experience, we handle every aspect of the interpretation of your event, from the selection of the team and appropriate type of translation to the hiring of the equipment. We work with numerous language pairs and consider each event as the most important.

The audience, setting and location of each event determines the type of interpretation required. The main types are simultaneous interpretation, which occurs in “real time” and requires equipment such as a translation booth and radio receivers; for technical visits, for example, consecutive interpretation is a good solution. In this instance, the interpreter remains alongside the speaker and translates what was said at each pause; and, finally, there is whispered translation, which is similar to the consecutive translation, but is used when only one person needs translation.

Get in touch at or on +31 2555-8444 for a personalised service and a suitable quote, offering the best value for money.